Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ocwen Federal Savings Bank Ocwen Stole my home ofter 16 years

As stated to many officials, attorneys, help agencies; Ocwen Stole my home!In March of 2003, after reinstating a new forebearence agreement and payment made, Ocwen took me to court and within 3 weeks, I was ordered to move.
I was taken by legal persons who stood before the judge with me, I never got Legal Assistance help which one of the judges referred me too. I got help, but Ocwen lied to them and wouldn't cooperate. I can't tell it all, but I have every document. I have been homeless, embarrassed, devistated, and overwelmed by representatives who offered to be the peoples support and allowed these thevies to do this. Now in 2008, homes are being loss daily. I believe that God is using me, because my home was a blessing from him. I've learned a lot, but until Ocwen answers; I'll never be complete. I feel for everyone who has endured their evil, but as God gives me strength--we'll all be blessed. If you want details, I have them.
Thank you!
Connie in distress for life
Chicago, IllinoisU.S.A.


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