Friday, April 17, 2009

Ocwen Financial Corp. has been selected by Freddie Mac

Ocwen Financial Corp. has been selected by Freddie Mac to participate in a pilot program designed to handle high-risk loans quicker and to keep more at-risk borrowers in their homes.

The West Palm Beach-based loan-servicing firm (NYSE: OCN) and its counselors will help cut telephone wait times, speed up the time it takes to put borrowers in touch with live counselors and implement Freddie Mac foreclosure reduction policies faster.

“Our strategy for high-risk loans is designed to help servicers cope with today’s unprecedented call volume by directing calls to a specialist with the specific staff and technical resources for handling a high volume of borrowers with these types of mortgages,” said Ingrid Beckles, Freddie Mac’s senior vice president of default asset management, in a statement.

A selected portfolio of higher-risk mortgages that are at least 60 days delinquent will handed off to a specialty servicer for intensive attention using Freddie Mac’s workout opportunities.

Initially, 5,000 reduced documentation loans from California, Nevada and other states with high delinquent rates will be targeted.

Freddie Mac said it will figure out whether to broaden or tweak the strategy after reviewing the pilot’s June results.

Ocwen shares closed up 34 cents to $9.24, nearing the 52-week high of $9.25, reached on Jan. 8. The 52-week low was $3.66 on April 14



I have been speaking to Ocwen re: a loan modification since February 2009. Then on March when the Obama plan came into play I was given a new set of documents to fill out and return to them by fax, which I did immediately sent March 10th 2009. Waited to hear from them no response so when I called them they had not received documents, so they mailed me another set. I again filled out the same 3 papers
and returned them to them. again after waiting for a response I received another set of the same documents to fill out, when I called them they said they did not have anything from me so I again filled out the papers and sent to them, at this time the sale date on my home was 3/20/09 and they extended it to 4/-3/-09. when I still had not heard from Ocwen I called them again and was told they need more information. which I immediately sent again., a du plicate copy of when I had previoyusly sent them. the people they have handling these things in india do not have a clue as to what they are doing I am not the only one complaining about the service. I call them every day as they give me a different answer each time I call, I am now telling them that I am recording their phone calls for future legal use., as I no longer trust the way Ocwen is handling this sensitive matter. My original loan was from Delta funding, who have just recently been hit with a consumer and lending loss, and I feel that Ocwen is totally tied in with them, and must know how delta has been handling the loans they send to Ocwen for servicing. A class action suit should be filed against them. When I called today 4/13/09 I was told again they needed another paper from me, they said they had the fax I had sent but they could not see what I had sent. now the sale date is 4/17/09, they leave me no further choices. They are just stalling for time.,
Lulu Snohomish, WashingtonU.S.A

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ocwen Loan Servicing Took my house from me while we were doing the paperwork. My mother was passing from cancer and they claimed they didn't get my fa

My mother had been ill with cancer for over a year and I had quit work to care for her. I did one loan modification with Ocwen and was so distraught that I did not realize that even tho they gave me a lower interest rate my payments were higher? How could this be? I kept my mortgage straight till my mom had a relapsed and I got behind again. We were use to two incomes and now down to one. I tried to work with them again and they sent me all the paper work but when I told them I faxed it they claimed they did not receive it. I ended up faxing it three times to have them say they didn't receive it. In the mean time my mother was home with Hospice and she passed. I had explained to them what was going on and had trouble with finances due to my not working. They had no concern. The paper work they sent me was on the day my Mom passed,which in no way was going to get back to them in the time length they gave me because of my grief. Then they claimed they sent me a modification that I did not get. I tried again to talk with them about the loan even up to two days before the sale trying to figure something out and was told that they couldn't see how I could call them and that I needed to just come up with the $4800 to save my home. They put it on the aution block but it didn't sale, so now I don't know what they will do. They seem to only work with me when they thought I was going to get money from my Mom's passing but everything went to my Dad which is how it supose to be. I have lost my home without even a chance to keep it and it wasn't entirely my fault. I do take some of the blame for not keeping in touch with them more often (I guess) but they just was rude and now I don't have my home.
Sugar pieKingsland, GeorgiaU.S.A.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC Been paying for 10 years, now they want full payment in one year

This company bought our mortgage from another company without us knowing about it. We only borrowed aprox. 60,000 from the original holder around 10 years ago. The property is worth alot more then what we borrowed but that is all we wanted at the time. In the 10 years we had a little trouble and got behind one time, but that was taken care of ( with fees applied) and we have made our payments on time every month. This should have been payed for, what they apply the money I send every month never seems to go to the balance. Now we have received a letter saying our loan has matured and they want the remainder of the money in one year. I guess what is happening is that we payed all the interest all these years and now they have to start applying it to the principle. I have called and requested a copy of our pay off a couple of times and they never send it. I can never get help on the phone and have been put on hold for 30 min. at a time. Since the amount has never really gone down I have to figure out how to get this pay off with in the year and would like to know the amount I need to come up with. It seems like when they bought the account the amount started all over again and we lost all the money we all ready applied to the loan. They just want to be able to take the place from us and will do anything to get it. Just when you think all is going good, something like this happens. I know there are alot of crooked/ scheming / low life people out there that do not care who they hurt, as long as they get what they want. What I don't understand is there are alot of educated, smart people that are high up and could do something about this and they just turn their heads. I wish I was one of those people,( you never know some day I might be) I would be after the people that find it eaisier to steal from others then work for their money, and that's what so many of these company's do
So grl
Maryland, MarylandU.S.A.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ocwen Loan Servicing Sold house even after modification was approved

In October we worked with a 3rd party to help modify our loan. After hours of deliberation, Ocwens Mr. Marshall and us finally came up with an agreement. We were to pay our loan amount of $5387.00 in November (we did) and $4135.28 in December (we did) and then had to pay principal and interest of $3939.96 in January (we did).The modification was taking what we owed and moving it to the end of our loan $618,434.73, stuck 40Kplus to the end of our loan and lowered the interest rate. Exactly what we were requesting, payment was still a little high but managable. Make a long story short we received a letter on 2/18/09 from a paralegal stating that county records stated our house has been sold. Since it didn't have a name on it I thought it was junk mail but took the chance and called Ocwen anyways. Heard the message that 'Thank you for your payment rec'd in Jan as of May 2008 your balance is $0. Confused I pushed to talk to a representative.He stated yes our house has been sold, that the modification was approved but the forbearance wasn't so they accepted our money but never intended to keep their word.I asked to speak to someone else, he transferred me to REO left a message and of course no response as of yet. I went online to the Tax Accessor and ran our parcel number, our house was sold to HSBC for $355,000 and went 100% sole owner to HSBC, on 2/17/09.Another ironic thing is we had our house up for short sell and was given an offer of $419,000 and Ocwen declined it but yet they accepted the offer of $355,000.Then we rec'd a call 2/20/09 from a representative requesting cash for keys. Of course I said no chance, that something is wrong and they have done us wrong.She sent me to a Manager, again he was requesting the same thing keys for cash so I told him the story and said I even have all the documentation to prove it. He sounded a little shocked and said he would hand this over to someone to research it. As of right now we are in limbo, we retained a lawyer, not sure what good it will do. But we were tryig to do the right thing and it appears Ocwen had no intentions of honouring their word.Since the moment I knew we were in trouble I have been upfront with them and tried to work with them and never once did they until we paid a 3rd party to get involved. We feel we have been scammed and treated as less than. We will not let this defeat us but I guarantee you they will have a fight on their hands. I will go to the media, I intend on writing letters to congress and our legislature, not sure of what will get done, but I know someone somewhere will hear me.
PennyRancho Cucamonga, CaliforniaU.S.A.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OCWEN Loan Servicing who's the biggest losers ? (us ) who's the BIGGEST liar & thieves OCWEN

there anyone to help ward off these THIEVES ?? Sure they will work with you. ha ha .. We made an agreement with them in Sept to the tune of 11,664. and some odd cents. GOT a receiver code from THEM to sent the money.. and next payment was to be Nov 2008. Well they sent it back late in Nov. said it was not enough to satisfy them ( greedy b******s) Now they will not take any payments and it is up over 15,000 since then.. do the math... most of it is BOGUS fees I am sure. We have tried to call and you all know how that goes. !! So now they want to know where did I come up with this agreement.. gave them the persons name and of course NO ONE by that name AND nothing in my file about it either.. And that the 11,0000 was not enough to 'satisfy' them either.. but they sure as hell kept that. and sent back the 1330.00 payment.. $4000. in fees are now added so we are up to the 15,0000 MORE not counting the 11,000. NOW DUE.. ha ha.. when I told them they agreed to all of this they basicially called me a liar.. BUT I got the last word ( for what it was worth) because I asked them ' if no one talked to me and gave me this info - how would I of come up with that random amount and why would I send it to them.. BUT where I got them was on the receiver code. THEY give you that number... so I asked them where did I get this figure and code?? did I just pull it out of my ASS !!! they did not like my tone !They said they would do a forbearance to the tune of $2000. per month. I am having a hard time with the 1330.00 where do they think I will come up with more.??This part is just the recent mess with them..... this has been going on for 12 years ~ a month after I bought my home- they bought the note and it has been a NIGHTMARE since...Something needs to be done NOW for those of us still in the ' process' with them.. I only owe 90,000 on my house and it is worth twice that..THEY WILL NOT GET MINE..Lets stick together and help each other.. WHERE is an attorney that has the ' you know whats' to stand up to them.
ChrisRockton, Il.GoodSoul2rockton, IllinoisU.S.A.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ocwen got my home

like all the other folks on here ocwen has done the same things to me also, feb 18 2009 they got my home and put me on the street. i tried everything to deal with this bank all they done was lie to me sent back payments and keep raising the cost of my mortage payments and interest until i could not make my payments anymore. this home i lost to was the place i grew up and lived by my 75 year old dad, which i take care of. they are going to kick me out in a couple days. they also put my credit in the trash can.. i work every day and all i wanted to do is pay bills. i would also be interested in filing a class action suit again this bank. i tried everything possible to work with ocwen and all they did, is lie to me...
Chris****bluffton, IndianaU.S.A.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I first contacted OCWEN about loan modification and they told me it had been granted. But after several months of waiting I never heard from them again until I got a foreclosure notice. I then contacted OCWEN again and they told me that I should have contacted them after I didn't receive any documents from them. When I told them that I did contact them I was told not to worry, We don't want your home, then came the foreclosure notice.I was then contacted by a company First Univeral about a loan modification, but was told by the case worker that OCWEN had made an offer to them, and that was the best that they could do because of the pending sale of my house.After coming to an agreement I continued to get threats fro OCWEN about foreclosure. When I got the documents to sign from first universal I learned that they worked for/with OCWEN. Now recently I have been getting correspondences from OCWEN stating that I am in foreclosure and that the monthly mpayment I agreed to have the potential to increase due to ESCROW, that wasn't part of the agreement. It was stated that I would pay a certain amount set for five years then my monthly payments would increase significantly. That's not a Loan Modification, that is a ripoff/scam.
Supa natVacherie, LouisianaU.S.A.

OCWEN LOAN SERVICING, LLC LOAN MODIFICATION???? How can this be a loan modification when the payment will be increasing $150.00 per month?

I applied for a loan modification in October, Ocwen said they sent it out on December 29th, I never got it. They agreed to re-do it, only according to them it would not be as good as the original one. I finally got the loan modification with two weeks to respond, they are adding $17,000 to loan princinpal balance and upping my payment $150.00 per month. Am I missing something here? Isn't a loan modification supposed to help you stay in a house? As far as I understand Ocwen is owned by Wells Fargo, didn't they get a bailout to help the homeowners? Oh yes, and try calling customer service, that's a joke, I will be losing my home of 5 years to foreclosure and if it means that I don't have to do business with them, maybe that is a good thing. What I want to know is in the future how do I know I will have a mortgage with a reputable company so I don't have to end up doing business with Ocwen because my mortgage got sold? Stay away from Ocwen, and I, too, would be willing to participate in a class action lawsuit, I may not reap the rewards of willing, but it could keep someone else from getting shafted!
Ripped off in texas

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am researching this RIGHT NOW. This company is working the scam on our cousin as I type. She has had the home two years and now they are asking for more money and more money....threats of attorney fees, telling her they will write off all that was paid the last two years and do a NEW LOAN for her. Was to send papers so she could file and after 1 month nothing has come in yet.I am researching so my cousin can try to save her FIRST TIME HOME BUYER. We are looking to get OCWEN to do what's called 'short pay' We still do not know if they are going to be able to keep their home. They are all just sick about this. There were adult family members who were living all together in the home. Out of 10 brothers and sisters, there were four adults and their wifes living in this home. It's now only three family members as they think they will lose the home.If this Ocwen Company is really a scammer why are they still allowed to do this to citizens?Where can we file against this Ocwen Company for a class action suit?Okay....this is just starting for us....I will check back and see if there are others who have fallen into this trap.Do we need to file with the Attorney General?They can't afford an attorney. Our cousin DOES NOT live in the city wew live in, they are in Pacific, Washington. Should we write our govenor?
Couzin Belfair, WashingtonU.S.A.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ocwen Federal Bank they are charging late fees,lawyers fees and you name it every month for as long as I can remember

I have been with Ocwen Federal Bank since the prevoius lender (Delta Funding) signed me over to them without even contacting me to do so or see if I wanted to try to get another Lender. Ever since I have been with them I have paid nothing but interest on this loan,and don't forsee ever getting the loan paid off making just monthly payments that have been paid from the beginning. I have lots of fees that have added up to $2,398.99 such as Reprot Fee,Inspection Fee Property Evaluation Expense,Complaint Fee,they even charge back to me for Certified Letters they send thru the mail to me.They ahve always charged a late fee even when a Forebearance Plan was worked out to start fresh payments, they said that was for the payments that were not made on time in the past. If you get a Fresh start Forebearance Plan should the late charges not be dropped unless you don't make the new payment on time. I have been with this company for many years and don't see a way out right now,I just came across the Ripoff Report and had no Ideal that all this had been going on all these years.
Brenda ****Little Rock, ArkansasU.S.A.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ocwen Loan Servicing Ocwen admits they sold my home illegally!!!

I have reported this company and their illegal activities to various authorities and my objective in posting this one is to find someone who is willing to help! I can be contacted @ 209-298-3834 (Deanna Walters) Someone has got to stop Ocwen!!They began servicing my loan December 2004 and from the first month OCWEN has stated my loan was past due. Each year I have had to stop foreclosure
proceedings by paying unwarranted fees they have added each and every month which there is no justification for. Each time its the same procedure: they hold payments and do not post them to my account, then comes the notice to foreclose following the return of my payments stating it isnt enough to bring the loan current. Three times in three years this has happened. And throughout the process I hear the same ridiculous excuses, let me transfer you to a supervisor who never answers; our system is down; a confirmation number given at the time of a payment doesn't actually mean a payment is accepted; contact us via email; given me wrong addresses; phone numbers; and even wrong account numbers to wire money directly from my bank to theirs! NOTE: I HAVE NOT MISSED A PAYMENT AND HAVE EVEN MADE ADDITIONAL PAYMENTS TO TRY AND PREVENT ANY ADDITIONAL FEES BEING IMPOSED. How could I possibly be in foreclosure? I am informed by my bank on 1/30/09 that ocwen rejected my wire transfer. I called them to hear what excuse they had this time and they inform me that my house has been sold! They apologize and let me know they tried contacting the person who bought my home at an auction to see if they would 'back away' due to their (Ocwen) error and the person declined. She again apologized and said there was nothing she could do!! I am still in shock and can't seem to find anyone to help me stop this. I read about the THOUSANDS of homeowners this is happening to by OCWEN and still they continue. I am hoping someone will read this and offer some advice on my next step. I will not walk away from such an appalling disregard of the law. There has got to be something done to stop this company!
stockton, CaliforniaU.S.A.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ocwen sold my mortgage two days before my stip dead line was up

I had a mortgage with Ocwen Mortgage Company, which I started to fall behind a few payments due to the amount of each monthly payment being so high. I contacted Ocwen, and was offered a new stipulation agreement. The woman reviewed all my financial statements and then contacted me to review the terms. She offered me a reduced loan amount actually back to the original amount of the loan; also lower monthly payments and a lower interest rate. So, a next day I receive an e-mail with the approved stupulation agreement. Well needless to say the agreement that I received in e-mail was not even close to the terms that I was offered. I contacted Ocwen trying to get in touch with the woman, which I had previously spoke with. Ocwen's representitives gave me a run-around I spoke with 10 different people that day and explained to each the situation; I was told no one but the person who offered the agreement could assist me and I was told that she just happened to be on vacation. Luckily, I had her e-mail address due to the previous agreement that was sent to me. I e-mailed her explaining everything that I have been going through to try and resolve this matter and to reach her, because everyone else I spoke with stated that 'they could not help me'. The woman responded to me that day curious as to why no one at Ocwen would assist me she seemed a little upset with it and offered an apology. The woman then sent me a revised agreement that was exactly to the terms we had discussed . I reviewed the information throughly and everything on that agreement was ligitimate. I verbally accepted and was told that I had 10-15 days to respond completely by sending the first payment of the new agreement. 3 days before the dead line date I called to wire a payment and Ocwens automated sevice would no longer accept my social security number or my account number. So I waited over 45mins on the customer service line to talk to someone and when I finally got thru to someone I was told that I no longer have a mortgage with Ocwen and the house is being foreclosed and I would need to contact a realestate agent to find out any more information about my house.
MarkForest City, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

Monday, January 26, 2009

OCWEN BANK Stool my home

Hi, My name is Janet Purdy, at 7866 Mansion House Crossing, Pasadena, Md. 21122, 410-437-5275 fell free to call me. Please read the whole story. I need HELP.Ocwen Bank has stopped every action for me to save home they used a trustee that came after me like it was personal. And since the buyers bought my home two times at auction the first time for 235.000.00 and the second time for 191.000 I am thinking Bierman,geesing, & ward the trustee had deal with Dave & Sharon Wuest the buyer. My home is worth 352.000.00, I will be only getting about 20.000.00 which the trustee is going hold until July, my family and I will be homeless by evction in about two weeks. Do to me being disabled I do NOT have money to move and we have no where to go Maryland has NO help for use the selters have waiting lists. I am also a widow since 2005 and I gave Ocwen every cent I had my payments where not appiled to my correctly.I am disabled; caring for her elderly mother with a heart problems moms 80 now and a special needs child and one child in school until June he's 15, all will suffer irreparable harm should this court allow Respondents to fraudulently move forward with their illegal eviction. This is only a small part of what happened to me there is much more to my story.And why is it the opening bid opened for less and less money? ILoan documents signed May5,2007 for refinance of my home with 1st Metroplitan mortgage this could have saved the home, but the TRUSTEE, Bierman, Geesing and Ward REFUSED to take the money to pay off the loan and the home went up for auction on May 8,2008. Notice of pending auction received eight days before aution byJanet Purdy. At that time the house was appraisaed at 350.000.00. Auction took place May 8,2008 the opening bid was 263.000.00 and sold this sale was RATIFIED AND CONFIRMED a Motion was filed for unclean hands the sale was recinded because of payment disputes.Loan documents where signed Sept.9,2007 my appraisal was done on Oct.1,2007 the home appraised at 352.000.00 payoff quote was faxed to SRI Mortgage on Oct.5,2007 from Ocwen. Some time in Oct.2007 my home was auctioned with an opening bid of 235.000.00 NO Notice was sent to me via by certified mail or first class mail on Oct.31,2007 Dave and Sharon Weust came to my home and handed me a one page note that they bought my home at the opening bid of 235.000.00 which was RATIFIED AND CONFIRMED my Motion for a Stay was not ruled on at that time. That auction was taken back, because of lack of service by the TRUSTEE, I was told my home was going to auction again in Jan,2008 it was on the auction list for Jan.,2008 at some point it was moved to Dec.28,2007.Loan documents where signed again with another Motrgage broker a payoff was requested from Ocwen but it was never sent to my broker which stopped the process for my refinance. Again NO Notice was sent to me about another auction the opening bid was 191.000.00 this time I was NOT notified by Certified Mail or by Dave and Sharon Weust until after the house went to settlement taking away rights I had to file a Motion or fight for my home. Which would be a violation of my rights.[In Violation of ]: The Fourteeth Amendment to the U.S.Constitution : 'No State shall...Deprive any person of liberty, or property, without due process of law'[Article 24 of the Maryland Declaration of Rights:] '[N]o man ought to be taken or imprisoned or disseized of his freehold, liberties or privileges, or outlawed,or exile, or in any manner,destroyed, or deprived of his life, liberty or property, but by the judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land.' I do not no where to go or what to do. My mental state is so bad I can't think any more, I did appeal the eviction but I don't think that will help and I aiso appealed to the speacial court of appeals but I don't think that will work. So I just keep packing I do not where I will put my stuff and I know I will lose my pets that I LOVE every much. I know I have failed myself and my family, Life is just not worth living any more.
Thank You,JanetPasdena, MarylandU.S.A.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ocwen Loan Servicing Escalated payments, failed to credit payments or credited late, refused payments while in forebearance negotiaions, then wants $1

Ocwen Loan Servicing Escalated payments, failed to credit payments or credited late, refused payments while in forebearance negotiaions, then wants $150,000 extra Orlando Florida

Ocwen takes the prize for most dishonorable company, and we want a class action suit against them! Anybody game?We have tried to keep up payments, but with an ARM, this became impossible, as our rate went to 11%. Additionally, there were always late fees, even though we paid on time. Finally my husband filed for bankruptcy, and reached a verbal agreement with Ocwen on what our payment would be.But the very next payment was sent back as not being the correct amount, but no one could tell us what that amount should be. We started the very long process of trying to reach someone on the phone who could tell us, with hold times anywhere from 30 minutes to 2+ hours. Many times we were told someone would call, but when 'they' did, it was a recording. Finally we got to talk to 'Ganesh'.We reached an agreement and were told the papers would be sent in the mail, and not to make a payment until we could send it with the new contract. Many calls later, still no papers, but still told not to pay. Foreclosure papers came. More calls, told not to worry, just a formality, don't pay. Second set of foreclosure papers came. Got an attorney. Almost a year later, got the papers, but amount now owed is about $150,000 more than our original mortgage - all sorts of fees and interest due to not paying for a year. We TRIED to pay all year, but were told not to by Ganesh. Amount is more than we could ever hope to refinance, so no hope of getting away from this crazy company even if we can pay the exorbitant amount they demand. After reading all the rip-off reports on them, I don't trust them anyway.We're serious about the class action suit. I've only hit the highlights of our problems with them.
MegBurleson, TexasU.S.A.

Ocwen They can produce the original promissary note. Without no contract--No contract, no Owcen Friendswood Texas

This may help. I note sure of your laws in your state. It work in most states. I have had the same problems with Owcen--taxes, late charges, no one that speak English.....I found out in the law school I'm attending, They must produce a the original promissory note. This is impossible because there's never one. When someone goes court on must of the foreclosures any state, the lend-holder's attorneys always produce the a copy--never the original. You must sit down with the lender and see if they have original--most of the original notes are located in foreign countries in which it takes sometime years or a life time to produce . Just think about it, if you had a car and some one stated it not your. Could you get away without showing proof of ownership with a copy of the title.The judge would send you back motor vehicle department to get original. With a promissory note there is only one. Since most the notes are sold the dulling--they can only produce a copy. You must show the original car title. The same with Lenders. Don't let them fool or scare you with all their fantasy words meant to intimidate you. Most of my friend have won and have taken their houses without paying another note. It your choice. Lets take back America.Next, since most of the dullings like Owcen which falls under the F.T.C laws and by-laws, must follow strict regulations. For example, If you send a letter like the one below, you can suit if they write your back. You are telling them, they are require by for you to take this up with the original lender-holder--which there is none. If they do, file a compliant with the F.T.C.Ref: Centerpoint Energy Enetex\Account Number: Dear Sir, This letter will serve as your legal notice under Federal Law that regulates the activities of collection agencies and their legal representative. You are hereby notified under provisions of Public LAW 95-109, Section 805-c, The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, to hereby Cease and Desist in any and all attempts to collect the above debt. Your failure to do so WILL result in charges being filed against you with the State and Federal agencies empowered with enforcement. You are further warned that, if any derogatory information is placed on any credit reports after this notice, it too will result in action being taken against you.As it is my position not to recognize and/or work with collection agencies, I will settle this matter with the original creditor.GIVE THIS MATTER THE ATTENTION IT DESERVES.Sincerely(your name)cc: FTC—Mr. StoneLeefriendswood, TexasU.S.A.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC Unable to get Modification on Mortgage and False Notices for Mortgage Foreclosure Sale

We recently hired a company to help get a forebearance and a modification on our mortgage (which was a scam), we were informed to we were not aloud neither options with our mortgage company. We informed this on 1/13/09, one day before our sale date, (we also called Ocwen on this date), which was suppose to take place on 1/14/09. We called an attorney and were told that because it was a day before the sale date there was nothing we could do. We decided that we could not afford the amount of money Ocwen wanted, which started at $5749.30, then went up to $9799.84 on 1/13/09, so we let our home sell, or that's what we thought. On 1/16/09, we recieved another notice of mortgage foreclosure sale set for 1/21/09, with the reinstatement cost at $13766.11. When we recieved this notice we call the County Sheriff and asked if there were any sale dates set for us on 1/14/09 or 1/21/09, the sheriff office informed us that there was no such date set, nor was there a sale on 1/14/09. On 1/22/09, we recieve yet another notice, which included a Notice of Mortgage Foreclosure Postponement for the sale that was suppose to take place on 1/14/09, which of course we know never was even set. So now we have another notice of mortgage foreclosure sale set for 1/28/09, (which was put on a plain white piece of paper), this date is truely scheduled for said date, confirmed by the sherriffs office. On our pink colored paper that is titled Help For Homeowners in Foreclosure the date for the sheriff's sale is typed in as 1/21/09. There no reason that people should be mislead this way, and the notices are suppose to be serious not a means of buying time to make more money for themselves, nor should they be used as a means to scare people. We are left with no time to negoticate our mortgage, and we were almost unable to file bankruptcy in time, because we were mislead. If we hadn't called the sheriff's office about the sale dates, we might have been to late, and now instead of modifing our mortgage we are stuck with our high interest rates and $320.00 more a month payment for the bankruptcy. So in all we have lost also most $7000.00 to save our home. Please let us know if this has happened to you, or is happening to you. And if anyone has any information as to who we can contact for help. We are interested in filing a lawsuit.
JamilesEden Valley, MinnesotaU.S.A.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


In Late August, 2008. I had gone through a third party Loan Company to try and refinance my Mortgage but like most Americans I owe more than the House is worth. So they suggested a loan modification. I paid out over $2000.00 to have this done. On Novemeber 3rd, 2008 I received notifcation via telephone that the modification was granted and that my new payment was 885.69 from 1485.00 and that my first payment was due on December 1st, with no payment due in NOV. I was happy but I didn't get the paperwork till Nov 10th, 2008. When I did, I noticed that there was another 1485.00 due by Oct. 30th, 2008. I immediately contacted the third party. They said they would research it. On November 28th, I received a very rude call from Ocwen stating that I owed another 599.00. I didn't understand why and when I tried to explain things about when i got the paperwork and that I mailed Dec. payment. Then I was threatend by the Ocwen Representitive that if I didn't pay the 599.00 the loan Modification would be revoked. The rep became angry so I told him that I would pay the payment but I thought it was bull and that as soon as I could I would find another bank. That night I wrote a check for the remainder of the amount and mailed it on the 29th of Nov on the way to work. I then mailed the 889.56 for Dec. payment of Dec. 5th which they got on the 10th of Dec. On Dec 22nd. I recieved a phone call from Ocwen again saying I owed another 799.00 for Dec. Payment. I asked why? The reply that I got shocked me nd pissed me right off. They told me that the loan modification agreement was revoked and the payment was returned to the original loan agreement. When I asked why they said because I didn't send the payment by Oct 30th. When I tried to explain that I didn't get the paperwork till Nov 10th they didn't care. I have now written to two State Congressmen, Channel 9 WFTV news, The State of Florida Attorney Generals Office and Everyone I could think of.
CarlosDeLand, FloridaU.S.A.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ocwen Financial Corporation Loan Servicing Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC Ocwen has made over $17,000 in excess and modification charges they won't prove t

I almost lost my home due to loosing my job and at the same time my loan went from 8% to 11.25% in a years time. They were nice enough to offer me to enter into a forbearance agreement to reinstate my loan with agreeing I would be refinancing with them with on-time payments during my forbearance agreement which was for 6 months. The payments had gone up from $806 to $1551 a month. Right away I contacted a Realtor to put the home up for sale and she refused to touch it because the county had a red-flag marking my property up for sale. After long drawn research with the county and Ocwen turns out Ocwen had put up the property for sale/foreclosed, without even a notice to me. So now, I find out that my original loan of $108K is now a total of $121K. Time and time again requesting detailed charges from them they finally send me a spreadsheet with a tremendous amount of charges such as appraisals, certified mail, property inspection fees etc. All which they refuse to furnish me proof. They have two to four appraisals and inspection fees and over 5 certified mail fees posted to my account. This is outrageous. Seems they want me to loose the property.
Exene Lago Vista
, TexasU.S.A.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

OCWEN Loan Modification From Ocwen - Very Very Terrible Service !!!! Orlando, Florida

I recently was approved for a loan modification from Ocwen. They requested I put down a down-payment for 'X' amount, but needed for me to sign a 'loan modification agreement' first before I pay this down-payment. They mention I should recieve this 'loan modification agreement' within 7 to 10 business days. I wait and wait and still no 'loan modification' in the mail. I call and let them know I've not received the 'loan modification agreement', so they said they will go ahead and re-mail the 'loan modification agreement'. Till this day 10 business days have passed and I have not received this 'loan modification agreement' by mail so I called back the second time and told them just to e-mail it to me instead, this was just getting ridiculous. The 'loan modification' was supposed to have already been signed and sent (faxed) back by a specific date. Now that I've printed it from the email, I call Ocwen to notify I recieved the 'loan modification agreement' by email 'FINALLY' and they told me its too late to send it in....'what kind of crap is that !'* This company is terrible all together, customer service is terrible / they have a 'I dont care about you' type of atitude. They just do NOT understand and care. I've had Countrywide in the past, there customer service were pretty sharp compared to these knuckle-heads.....* The Feds Need To Shut This Company Down - Too Much Bad Is Coming From This Company And VERY Low Confidence w/ Among Its Customers/Consumers !
JonColorado, ColoradoU.S.A.

Ocwen Loan Servicing our # 1 priority, is lying to you, not helping you Orlando Florida

In 2004, I refinanced with Ocwen. At there request I got mortgage protection insurance, with Aig insurance. It went down hill from there. Fast forward to December of 2007. I had a back surgery & was out of work for 3 months. I am self-employed, & have BCBS. When I got home from hospital, I called Aig to file a claim for the mortgage payments, while I was out of work. They said it was a invalid claim & refused to make any payments, & that the only way they pay this type of claim was if I fell out of a mail truck, while plowing snow, in the desert. That's another report. Anyway back to Ocwen. I was coming up on 4 months behind on mortgage payments, & I called Ocwen, & told them I could make 3 payments in 2 days, which was $ 4800.00. They said that unless I paid all the late fees, penalties, which, totalled according to them, $6200.00, they couldn't accept any payments. I hired a loan modification company on May 18, 2008. As soon as Ocwen was contacted by the mod company, Ocwen started foreclosure proceedings, with a sale date of August 13, 2008. For some reason, after going thru 4-5 reps with the modification company, the files finally got sent on 6/17/08, to Ocwen. After 3 weeks (7/10/08) Ocwen needed updated financials, to see if I even Qualify, for a mod. 7/22/08 they said they could do it but needed more documents, the same ones that were already sent to them 2 times. They agreed to a special forebearance type II, which is supposed to be a 90 day payment break, while modification is prepared. my payments went from $ 1561.00, per month to $ 1751.00 per month, plus escrow which I never had before, so now my payment is over $ 1900.00. It still took another 3 weeks to get it finalized, on August 12,2008, 1 day before saleSo, a quick recap, used Ocwen recomended insurance, got shafted, tried to make arrangements with Ocwen, got no help, used 2 loan modification companies, didn't see much negotiations. After all was said & done my payments went up $ 389.00 per month & my principle went from $ 189,000.00 to $ 202,000.00. Apparently their first priority is not helping the homeowner, keep there home
Bob Apex, North CarolinaU.S.A.

Ocwen Mortgage Company Trying to modify loan for 4 months Orlando Florida

My husband was laid off of work about 4 months ago. We contact Ocwen within a couple of days of him getting laid off and told them we may be late or may not be able to make mortgage payment. They said to send them bank statments paystubs copy of unemployment info 2007 tax returns w-2 forms I did, I have faxed them 5 times. each time to a different number that they asked me to fax it to. I call them today and they say well your loan was just transfered to this dept and we do not have any of the things we need. I started to get P.O.'d I asked if I have previously faxed the info 5 times would it not be in the file. He said no that they do not have the info and we need to refax.This has been going on for months I need help, I have been in my home for 11 years, I do not want to loose it now. we refinanced to upgrade the house and all the money went into doing that and now I may loose it because they will not help and they could care less. Another question: why the heck am I calling Orlando and it gets transferred to India or some other country. I live in America and would like to speak with someone in America that understands what the market is like here. Someone that actually understands where we are coming from and acutally cares.
Mel Riverview, FloridaU.S.A.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ocwen Finance unjustified interest rate increase, unwilling to work with us in time of need Orlando Florida

We had our mortgage sold to Ocwen by another company and as soon as Ocwen took over we had problems with proof of insurance and property taxes, after a few months the interest rates started going up every 6 months like clockwork by on whole percentage point every 6 months; till we ended up at 10.25% interest.We contacted Ocwen about this because our credit rating was fairly good and there was no reason to raise our rate other than greed, we were told at the time that they had the right to raise the rate all the way to 13%; at that time I asked if I should be contacting my congressman about this and was told there was nothing illegal being done, however 2 weeks later we got a letter that the rate was being dropped by 1 percent, down to 9.25%.We made all of our payments on time, and when the company I work for went on strike I tried to get Ocwen to defer the mortgage to help us out, and was told they do not do that; that they were a debt collection agency and not a mortgage company. They then gave me the run around when the payment was not made, telling me they were willing to help, but every route we went ended up in a dead end or Ocwen stating that they had not received the financial information that we sent to them.We are now 6 months late on our mortgage, and now I am going back to work with a rather large payment of over $3000.00 due.
Brianwarren, OhioU.S.A.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ocwen charging me late charges of $1520.25 and I have never been late and I have copies of my payments

ocwen has been sending me statements in the mail saying that i have current late charges of over a year old. i was never late and i told them this. now i receive an letter for them saying to aviod possible negative consequences of unpaid past due amounts on your mortgage loan without having to increase your payments.
they want me to sign this notice saying that they can add this amount to my mortgage or this may result in foreclosure. i will not sign this notice because i donot owe ocwen late charges.
this company should have never been in this business, they are only trying to ripoff as many people as they can, before they are closed down.
any type of suites filed against them i am with you all the way. someone has to stop them from ripping honest people off.
i am so thankful that i am one of those people that makes copies of everything.
my sugguestion to all the readers is to always check into any company you deal with(sometimes things may seem good at first but there may be a trick down the line).
Never late
Richton Park, IllinoisU.S.A.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC Ocwen not disclosing where our payments are going, always being told we are 'late' with added fees!

We also refinanced our home with Aegis Mortgage and went through a hardship which caused us to be late on our mortgage. Ocwen began calling and said they were a collection agency for Aegis and we needed to work with them. However, when I called Aegis, they stated they had no knowledge of Ocwen.Soon, we started receiving information that Ocwen was our new mortgage holder. We made a move across the country and have this mortgage in MI and a rental payment at our new home. We fell behind and they started foreclosure. We could not reach any human, and would wait up to 2 hours to be placed with a person who told us he was working in India. After continued calls, we finally reached an American named Kimberly.Kimberly worked with us to set up a restorative program, asked us when our paychecks came in, and then requested several thousand dollars the day BEFORE our paydate! We borrowed from a friend and then sent in the money.Our problems now come from the following:1. We received a notice we'd be getting back $1100 in an escrow overage. When the money was never received, and I called, we were then told an analysis of our account was $7000 NEGATIVE and they were raising our payment from $870 to $1100.2. Our payments, made through Money Gram, never are enough and there are charges and fees that appear on our statement that we cannot get an explanation for and appear to keep mounting.3. We were told by one rep that if they determine we send 'extra money' it is not applied to fees, or charges, but they keep it in a suspension account! There was over $700 in this 'account' by this person's estimate. A later phone call gave us a rep who denied any suspension account exists.4. Now, without explanation, our payment is now listed at $1200 per month!How does one get this type of problem resolved? Who can help?
Nora Lansing, Michigan U.S.A.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Ocwen - REO Properties Stole our family home twice Nationwide

I can't help it anymore I have to vent. We have been dealing with this company since 2000 when we bought our home. Our loan was sold to Ocwen and after the first time we were lucky enough to refinance away from them, but unlucky us our refinanced loan was bought again by them several months later. We finally were doing well with our own business and then got ripped off by a family member we were partners with and lost everything. Ocwen made every attempt to take our house including during the bankruptcy we had to file although they were well aware of the situation. Then an attorney for REO Properties/Ocwen got involved (the law offices of les zieve) and they came after us hard even during bankruptcy. They attempted to keep our attorney hopping by filing various paperwork via the courts monthly. The kicker is Ocwen/REO sold our house TWICE within 5 months of each other all of this while they faxed us a loan modification form and accepted monthly payments through both sales. The attorney representing them Lisa cussed me out for questioning this action. Even after the sales they were sending us statements asking us to send payment. WOW. We currently were served with an unlawful detainer by the offices of les zieve although an attorney which we have passed on to our attorney. Our attorney is utterly amazed at what is going on. The kicker...Ocwen has a second attorneys office that is negotiating a remodification with our attorney. They do not know who is in charge at these offices, nor do they care. They put all their mistakes in writing and have no qualms about attempting to kick you out of your home right or wrong. Two days prior to thanksgiving they gave us a copy of the unlawful detainer in front of the kids (the server for process was a jerk). Anyway, we have joined a class action lawsuit against them and I am preparing to send all of this information to the Fair Housing offices and any other congressman or representative that will listen in the states of California and Florida. This company is scary and the information that I have provided is not a joke. I feel as if I am going to have a heart attack at any time. They don't care who they prey on and don't care who they hurt. People fall on hard times as we all can tell in this economy. Can't the government bail regular people out of dealing with OCWEN?
Ornelas family Lompoc, California U.S.A.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


After reading many of the reports filed on this site, it has come to my attention that it is time the home owners should file a class action suit against this company. I too have had the same problems as many of you that have already reported. We were given to Ocwen when Aegis Mortgage Company filed Bankruptcy. We were on a forebearance program and then in November were sent a letter to bring the account current, that we would longer be on the forebearance program. The first certified letter came November 16 with a demand payment by December 16. Then we get a second certified letter dated November 19 with a demand payment for 1/2 the payment of the November 16 letter to be made by December 16. Then we get a third certified Demand letter December 17 demanding payment by January 17 with the same amount of money due (adding $5.21 more to the payment) that was due in the November Letter. We are current with our payments. We have proof of this. So what they are trying to pull, just does not make sense and to reach them by phone is a nightmare. To email them, you are really lucky if you get a reply of which they claim they will replay to you within 15 days. Whoop tee doo!! According to the Govenment Pamphlet on Fair Credit Practices, Section 805, clearly states that frequent calling (of which no one is on the other line either) is a form of Harrassment and is illegal. Well, with reading all the reports that have been given on this web site, maybe it is time that a class action lawsuit be filed to wake the company up. Oh, by the way, when they outsource to third world companies, and then ask for my social security number, are they crazy!!!! There is no way in 'Gods Green Earth' I am going to give anyone outside the United States my Social Security Number. I contacted my attorney and she said we have a great case. Maybe someone should put their money where their mouths are and prove to others that they honor what they say on their Web site. Do I have any takers. If you are interested in going with me in a class action law suit, please contact me through this web site and I will find a way that we can all communicate to get one started. I will watch this site daily to see how many people are really serious about starting the procedure. Without you there will be no releif for so many of us and more in the future.
Carl Sacramento, CaliforniaU.S.A.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

FEDMOD.COM - FLM - Federal Loan Modification Been ignored by your mortgage company (OCWEN) try hiring a lawyer for real abuse Los Angeles California

After $1500 and three weeks of being ignored still nothing has happened with our loan modification . In fact this company called me last Tuesday to ask if they could process the remainder of the payment (another $1500) 28oct08 of course I asked what was happening with our modification and no one knew what was happening . I told Daniel Geffen ( the man that told me fed mod was a group of lawyers ) { what he meant to say is they are a group of liars } well they took the money from my bank account after being told the money was not there . I was notified Wednesday by my bank that I was $500 over drawn. I then attempted to contact Fedmod several phone calls and no one returned any calls (all I get is voice mail) I was first told Cindy was my case worker . I found a message on my home phone from Cindy . I tried to call back when I got home ( I guess it was too much trouble to call my cell since I am not home in the daytime ) of course she never returned my call . Now after Daniel processed an unauthorized payment I made several attempts to contact someone at Fedmod I finally got a hold of June. She told me my money would be returned .(June has been the only person at Fedmod to actually return a call). June first put me in touch with Jeff Brotton . He called me on Thursday after I still had not received repayment . He told me that my money would be processed that day and He was going to talk to the mortgage company this afternoon and would be in touch afterwards He even gave me his cell # of course he never called back Friday morning I still had not received the payment reversal . Now I was told by Jeff that my case worker was Taren and was given her number . She has never called me . Now Monday after several calls to Jeff Brotton which were never returned . It has now been a week since the unauthorized withdrawal several phone calls to June finally 3pm my money was returned . Now I still have my mortgage company crawling on my back so what is happening with my case? No one knows ! I have since called the California State Bar (fedmod is supposed to be a group of lawyers) surprise!!! they are not registered with California. But I don't really care and shouldn't matter since my finance company is in Florida. but anyway California State Bar told me to look up fedmod or Federal Loan Modification at the Better Business Bureau …Guess what surprise they have a D rating urging CAUTION when doing business with them. I did a search before I gave them any money …of course they have only been operating for 6 weeks so here I am warning you about them . Oh and why did I hire attorneys to deal with my mortgage company ?? Look up OCWEN….and remember my complaint is not in there since there are so many complaints I figured it would be another waste of time … one will read all 1500 complaints (and counting)
Michael Valley Springs, California U.S.A.


Ocwen Loan Servicing Escalated payments, failed to credit payments or credited late, refused payments while in forebearance negotiaions

Ocwen Loan Servicing Escalated payments, failed to credit payments or credited late, refused payments while in forebearance negotiaions, then wants $150,000 extra

Ocwen takes the prize for most dishonorable company, and we want a class action suit against them! Anybody game?We have tried to keep up payments, but with an ARM, this became impossible, as our rate went to 11%. Additionally, there were always late fees, even though we paid on time. Finally my husband filed for bankruptcy, and reached a verbal agreement with Ocwen on what our payment would be.But the very next payment was sent back as not being the correct amount, but no one could tell us what that amount should be. We started the very long process of trying to reach someone on the phone who could tell us, with hold times anywhere from 30 minutes to 2+ hours. Many times we were told someone would call, but when 'they' did, it was a recording. Finally we got to talk to 'Ganesh'.We reached an agreement and were told the papers would be sent in the mail, and not to make a payment until we could send it with the new contract. Many calls later, still no papers, but still told not to pay. Foreclosure papers came. More calls, told not to worry, just a formality, don't pay. Second set of foreclosure papers came. Got an attorney. Almost a year later, got the papers, but amount now owed is about $150,000 more than our original mortgage - all sorts of fees and interest due to not paying for a year. We TRIED to pay all year, but were told not to by Ganesh. Amount is more than we could ever hope to refinance, so no hope of getting away from this crazy company even if we can pay the exorbitant amount they demand. After reading all the rip-off reports on them, I don't trust them anyway.We're serious about the class action suit. I've only hit the highlights of our problems with them.
Meg Burleson, Texas U.S.A.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ocwen Ocwen reporting late to Credit Bureau so no modification to loan?

Ocwen calls me 15- 20 times a day starting with the day loan payment is due until it is paid. Doesn't matter about the grace period. The fact that they start calling me the first of the month and so many times during the day ticks me off. Now when I call for modification they tell me I can afford the payment every month even thous I have sent them all the info they asked for proving I cannot. They are telling me to let it be late and then they can help me after 3 months. I tell them what will you do to my credit and they say it will have to be reported to the Credit Bureau. Today I find out they have reported me late and I have never been late. I want to refinance but now this fictious late payment is keeping me from being able to refinance and get the hell away from them! I would be more than willing to join a class action lawsuit. Besides I am sick and tired of trying to communicate with people who cannot speak English!!!!
CarlaPeoria, ArizonaU.S.A.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC Ocwen caused our property to go to Sherrif Sale, screwed up our Escrow & should be accountable.

Our problems with Ocwen began as soon as they took over our mortgage from Met West, Inc. We had no problems before then. Met West sent us a letter stating that nothing would change, just the payments would be made to Ocwen, now.Not so. We noticed that with the first payment they received, no escrow amount was taken out. When it happened again the second month, I called and was told that our loan did not have an escrow account...which I was able to disprove with our original loan documents. They ended up changing things..and implemented the escrow again..but right away we were told of the escrow shortages, and how our payments would go up to reflect those shortages. now a piece of land that was originally $262 per month (escrow included) was now going up over $100 per month. We dealt with that. For the two years...all seemed fine. Until my husband was reading the newspaper and saw our piece of property up for Sherriff Sale for non payment of taxes. We were floored, because our school and real estate tax bills were sent directly to Ocwen for payment, our mortgage payments were paid, and paid on what reason did they have for not paying? We of course paid the tax bill & further researched to find they hadn't paid the school taxes, either. So now they are supposed to reimburse us for the real estate taxes we paid out of pocket and also have to pay the two years school taxes...and after they did, my mortage went up to almost $500 per month! They said there were again, escrow shortages..and up the payments went again! We can't understand...we are paying, they are putting aside & not why do we have to again pay MORE?!! Fast forward a few years...and obviously we were having trouble paying a mortage that had doubled from the original loan (not adjustable, fixed 10%)Even when we pay a payment on time, they hold it until they can charge a late fee....We've been threatened with foreclosure when barely two months late, have been forced into a forebearance agreement that is unfair. (They give 10 days from date of letter to contact a lawer, yet you receive said letter 7 days after said 3 days enough to have attorney review?!)As of now, they claim negative escrow balances at the beginning of each year, but take much more than what is needed to pay a $1200 real estate tax bill and a $155 property tax bill. They take $199.44 monthly = $2393.28.What happens to the remaining $1038.28 per year???!!!! I just demanded an escrow history...which of course will cost us more money..and we are having a financial expert look over every piece of paper I have from Met West to Ocwen. The long & short of it...Ocwen is a total Rip-Off..thanks Ripoff Report!
Pocono Saylorsburg, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ocwen Financial Bank Threathening, hang-up argumentative scaring me to a nervous break down Orlando Florida

Just to say that I have been ripped off by this company. In making me think that I have been three to four months paying my Mortgage and them adding on interest after interest on my payments. after turning it into a complete lie that I was only 10 days late for a Mortgage payment
. And having them daying that since I was late 3 to 4 month that they put me into almost fore closesure. I was so up-set that I almost had a nervous break down thinking that I was going to lose my home because of there mistake. I went to the action housing and file a report with them and they said to file a Chapter 13. Which I did. I was on it for 5 years starting 2003 till this year..Now I am off of it. But I still have to go back to this ugly company and pay the rest of the Morgage off and I know t hat they are going to give me trouble. and I don't want to go through that again.They would not give me a chance to pay the payments and that th ety wanted there money right now. They were nasty, threathening me, very aruguementative, would not listen for am explanation. then in the end they just started adding on the interest after interest. Which lead me to Chapter 13. All because of this bad corporation, which needs to be taken down and put away in jail for the all of there corruption. thank you for listening.
JaxsongPittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ocwen Financial Filed fraudelent credit report stating they forclosed on me and they refuse to fix it. They got paid there money, but won't admit it.

This company bought my son's loan from Ameriquest. I was the co-signer. When Ocwen got it all of a sudden I was the only signer. The property became involved in a legal battle with family and they illegally added their names to the deed. I no longer had legal rights and never got a dime of the piece of property. Wasn't even a mortgage. Ocwen told my son they would wait for the sale to go through, but threatened all the time. The sale went through, I got nothing. Ocwen because of false lien filing (filed on someone elses property) still reported on my credit that they foreclosed. I sent them a copy of the letter they sent me stating it was paid in full, I sent them a copy of the settlement statement stating it was paid in full and still they won't take it off my credit. Its like a personal vendetta against me, because I want to refinance and they want me to continue paying the price of their ignorant hate. They actually hate white people and women, I am both. That to me is discrimination and they should be held accountable for that. They are all from India and think they are the superior race. Business is supposed to be non discriminate. Their practices are very shady. If the government bailed them out, we know who the government prefers out of country businesses.
LaurieFallon, Nevada

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ocwen ripoff steals money lies changes mortgage paper Olando florida

Ocwen bought my loan at a 7% rate i owed 80 thousand dollars on a house that was only worth about 50 thou but to get the loan they told me it was worth 90 thousand they did not do a good appraise on it she asked me question i was paying 650 a month then in 03 Ocwen boought my loan i did not pay to much attention to it i just had them to take the payment out of my account i was very ill (still am) and medicaial bills and credit bill student loans were piling up so i filed bankruptcy in 05 just on medical and credit cards the house and my daughter car was ok they will be paid on time went to court in Feb in april i notice Ocwen send me a pass due notice for march and April i called them and said what happen to my auto withdrawl they said no we can]t take the money out of your acount i said ok i will send you a check they said no we don't want your checks so and they said they need extra the late fees so i talked to a lady in may and she said send a cashier check and make them sign she was the only one who could speak good english and she said .so i did and i paid a month ahead they took the payment and kept a month and a half for their lawyer i said why i did not file bankr against you and he said prove it and laught so we did the next month they went up i said i have a fixed rated he said no you don't we make the rules the next month they went up again so now i am at 12% i have been fighting them for four year ..i was told (i dont know why you peoples buy house you can't afford. now they report i filed bankruptcy andand the called another credit and told them they are suppose to put that i filed bankruptcy and they said she didnt and he said you suppose to put it in your report so now my daughter credit is messed up her car was paid off but her credit is bad..the car people only reported it to one credit bur..all the rest they said good never late paid off.. i ask they why they listen to Ocwen and they hung up.. so now Ocwen take their sweet time applying my payment totheir books i pay over the interest and they say they did not get it they never gave me back my money and my lawyer proved to them i did not file against they stole more money and said it was for late charges now i am always 22 day late because with a ss check i can not afford a 900 dollar house note they said i owe 86,000 dollars and they do not have my loan papers they wanted me to fill out another one and i said no the Mortgage comp i had before i only owed 80 th.. they make their own rules lies and all..and they fired the lady for helping me she gave me this info i will not tell you her name but they do their employer bad to and c s have to be mean to the customs i proved everything and they want play ball
JoyceGary, Indiana U.S.A.

Monday, November 3, 2008

NCI Ocwen Harassment.. after paying the agreement settlement amount Alanta Georgia

I am on disablity, which means I live on a very limited income. I recently called this company {Ocwen} to try and settle the account. After explaining my situation to them and discussing possible payment arrangements.We agreed that if I paid them nine hundred dollars it would settle the account and they would close it and report the account closed to the credit agencies
.I did not have that kind of money, but I was able to borrow it from someone I knew. I sent them a cashiers check priority mail. I also included a letter with the check stating it was the settlement amount agreed upon and it would close the account, meaning the account was paid in full.They called the message number I agve them a few days later and informed me they received the check, but they wanted more money. I refused to pay them any more money and told them I was going to get legal help. Now they are calling the message number I left and harassing the person who lives there. It's a crime that companies like this can hassle people and cause them so much emotional and financial distress. I hope that every lawsuit against them is won and their company is forced to close for good.
JudyTillamook, OregonU.S.A.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

OCWEN Loan Servicing, LLC Stuck in the worst mortgage ever. They refuse to remodify. Can't refinance with anyone else Orlando Florida

I am stuck in what more than one person has stated to be 'the worst mortgage they have ever seen'. I refinanced with Fidelity in Charlotte N.C in April of 2007, by the way they are no longer there so I can't contact anyone. OCWEN got my mortgage somehow and I found out this year that my 30 year fixed which I was told by Fidelity turns out is a 50 year 5 year fix which I'm paying more than before I refinanced. This of course is my fault as I let the quick talking mortgage broker run too much.Anyway after finding out that I have this ridiculous mortage that I was also told I should have never been put in a 10% interest it should have been around 6% I of course tried to refinance....nobody will touch it. So I'm stuck paying a high mortgage with high interest and can't get out. My husband lost his job and now makes half of what he was, in October I will have to start repaying student loans and there is no way that this mortgage is going to work.After calling OCWEN many times and always speaking to someone in India, they will try and get away by when you ask where you are calling they say 'we have call centers in florida', but ask ...'no, where are you?' and they will tell you India. This company will pretend they will try and work with you. I spoke with a supervisor who I stated that I feel my terms of mortgage should be redone since I should have never been given this in the first place, he made me fax all my paperwork in and told me I would hear back in 5 days...okay 2 weeks later I have to recall only to be told that they see no reason for remodification since I'm not late and can pay. They then told me that I had to change my financial statement to say that my bills weren't so high and then they could 'work with me'. This is fraud and I let the gentleman know this, he said 'fine'. Well after lowering my bills and still not hearing back...2 weeks later called again only to be we will not modify, you can pay your mortgage. I have yet to receive any letter denying my modification request. I spent alot of time faxing information when they had no intention on ever helping. I asked them if they were waiting for me to lose my house before they would help but after reading posts on them I don't think they would even help then.I'm stuck and don't know which way to go....I'm thinking on selling the house but I probably won't make enough to cover what I owe on the mortgage and there is a $6,000. early pay off. If someone has any advice that has dealt with this company please let me know.
Callecoco Inverness, FloridaU.S.A.


TopDot Mortgage,Ameriquest,Option One,Countrywide,Amc,montgomery Mortgage ,ames Home Loans

TopDot Mortgage, ocwen Loan Servicing, Montgomery Mortgage, ameriquest, option One Mortgage, there Are So Many That Screwed Us!!! Countrywide, Amc, montgomery Mortgage There Are So Many.... ames Home Loans, We stand to lose our home because of the unfair and dirty loan practices of the companies above Calabass California

It's plain and simple we had to refinance to get a more reasonable payment so that we could save ourselves from foreclosure...Apparently It meant nothing to the mortgage banks and brokers above that we have children and live paycheck to paycheck.We would tell our story about how we got screwed by all of these companies to basically every company that was calling us and urging us to refinance.We believed what they were saying because we figured that they knew more than we did when it came to refinancing and getting out of foreclosure.They lied to us It was nothing but the bait and switch when it would come to the closing...we would sign all the papers as we were told to do and also told that our loan would not be sold again...We must have been with the closing mortgage company probably not even a week before they sold our loan to someone else and then the monthly payment suddenly would change as did the rate! Due to that fact once the mortgage company changed we had already sent our payment to them and because the payment did not get to the new mortgage company on time we would end up getting late fees which we did not deserve because our loan was not to have been sold in the first place!! Now we are with countrywide because we were sold to them we were told that we had a principle and interest loan payment for 30 years at a fixed rate of 7% and then we come to find out that we were lied to and we only have a 2 year fixed loan it is interest only so all the money we have paid has not done anything to bring down the loan amount from 318,000 and once it goes adjustable we will wind up having to pay 4000.00 a month as our monthly mortgage payment!!!! That is unbelieveable to think that these companies would do these things to people who trust them to do the right thing...we were lucky to get out of foreclosure because our mom and aunt gave us 5,757.93 which they did not have....and now the new bill for april is here and we owe once again 2,900.00 which is completely unaffordable to us!Countrywide is where we are now and they themselves refuse to help us lower our payments telling us that we dont even qualify for an fha loan that you have to make at least 60,000 a year and because of our late payments it puts us in a bad light....of course our credit was ruined by these shyster companies every time they would check our credit score they would pull it more times than necessary and that would make our credit score go down...This is just completely unfair I think that these companies should have to pay for what they have done to us as well as others who trusted them i think that they should be sued and or given jail time because they stole from consumers by deceiving them...theft by deception is a crime!I am willing to go soooo public with this answer any questions anybody might have I also find it interesting that once you close you can never contact the broker you were working with before the closing ever again!!! I tried contacting someone from topdot names andrew left him a message on his cell letting him know of our difficulties and that we stand to lose our home because of his and his companies unlawful mortgage practices and he never called me back which i expected would happen they are only interested in your money not helping you at all!!!
Raven GARWOOD, New JerseyU.S.A.


Litton Loan Servicing, Fairbanks, Temple Inland Mortgage, OCWEN, Wells Fargo, Option One, Homeside, Countrywide, but ALL Predatory Lenders FRAUD!

This is not just about Litton Loan Servicing, it's about the criminal business actions of the majority of the lending companies today. Litton Loan Servicing, Fairbanks, Temple Inland Mortgage, OCWEN, Wells Fargo, Option One, Homeside, Countrywide, I could go on for days listing company names. They are ALL alike in their business transactions. End result to the consumer - FORECLOSURE.Come on FEDS WAKE UP! Who will be the first to bring these giants down? This is happening right under the noses of our own government! Is there no one on the take here? If I can find the needle in a haystack(one HONEST politician) who will be brave enough to take a stand and know when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Hardworking Americans are being forced into the foreclosure. The American Dream is being stolen away from the average Joe working class by big money conglomorates that feed off of unsuspecting tax payers.This FRAUD MUST end!
Ann AAkron, OhioU.S.A.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ocwen Financial Filed fraudelent credit report stating they forclosed on me and they refuse to fix it. They got paid there money, but won't admit it.

This company bought my son's loan from Ameriquest. I was the co-signer. When Ocwen got it all of a sudden I was the only signer. The property became involved in a legal battle with family and they illegally added their names to the deed. I no longer had legal rights and never got a dime of the piece of property. Wasn't even a mortgage. Ocwen told my son they would wait for the sale to go through, but threatened all the time. The sale went through, I got nothing. Ocwen because of false lien filing (filed on someone elses property) still reported on my credit that they foreclosed. I sent them a copy of the letter they sent me stating it was paid in full, I sent them a copy of the settlement statement stating it was paid in full and still they won't take it off my credit. Its like a personal vendetta against me, because I want to refinance and they want me to continue paying the price of their ignorant hate. They actually hate white people and women, I am both. That to me is discrimination and they should be held accountable for that. They are all from India and think they are the superior race. Business is supposed to be non discriminate. Their practices are very shady. If the government bailed them out, we know who the government prefers out of country businesses.
LaurieFallon, NevadaU.S.A.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ocwen-Where do I begin. We started with this company a few years ago and have nothing but frustration and tears. We fell behind one months payment because of medical bills and are now being told that we owe for 3months of mortgage. I have called their 'customer service' line several times to get an answer and have been told that our payments are late and we have accumulated several 'other' fees. We recently had storm damage from IKE and received a check from our insurance company. They had made the check payable to us and our so friendly mortgage company which will now not sign the check due to their added fees and late payments until they are paid in full. That is our money and they have crossed the line. Is there anyone who can help us get out of this nightmare and this horrible mortgage company? They want their money but don't care to help you or keep track of the correct payments. What do these people do with the checks,and why isn't there a class action suite filed against these people,they are messing with a lot of families and people who truly are honest. Where do you find that anymore.
ToriWest Chester, OhioU.S.A.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


it is the same story with this company, if anyone know how to make the goverment close down this company and take over our loans, please,please let us know
Tricia,new yorkbronx, New YorkU.S.A.

Ocwen Technology Xchange Whistleblower Suit West Palm Beach Florida *UPDATE Ex-Employee responds ..The ticketing system's data wasn't totally lost..

Richard ***************, Delray Beach, FL 33483,Plaintiff,vs.Ocwen Technology Xchange1665 Palm Beach Lakes BlvdWest Palm Beach FL Defendant )Case No.: Violation Whistblower Act, Invasion of Privacy, Violation of Computer Privacy Act, MaliceDated this 27 day of October, 2004Let it be known that Ocwen Technology Xchange is a Florida Corporation located at 1665 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, West Palm Beach FL, 33401. If the defendant is know under any other names or companies and states this suit will be amended to reflect those changes.Let it be known that Richard the Plaintiff resides at 215 *********** Delray Beach, FL 33483.In November of 2003 Richard did accept a Sarbanes Oxley contract with Ocwen to review their network infrastructure. In accordance with this agreement Richard was to be paid weekly. Further the contract stated Richard was to have complete access to all relevant data without interference from or by the direction of Ocwen.During the month of January Richard began a review of all uptime for critical financial applications that Ocwen monitored for a period from Jan 2003 to Jan 2004. This data was kept in an application called Whats Up Gold. Upon completing his analysis of this data Richard provided a report to Dale Pickford, the CIO of Ocwen and Richard direct report.This report showed a serious material weakness in the overall stability and reliability of the applications know as REAL Servicing, Real Mortgage, Real Trans and Real Loan. The data showed over 14,300 trouble tickets submitted on these application in a 1 year period, further the data showed that these applications were down (not working) as much as 34% of the time. This made it impossible for Ocwen to correctly report loan information to its customers during normal business hours.Richard met with Dale Pickford the CIO to discuss this report. Richard was told to cease all investigation into the uptime of these critical applications and to review other areas inside the IT organization. Richard was told to confine his review to only areas outlined by Dale Pickford.During this meeting Richard informed Dale Pickford that the data that was reviewed clearly showed a material weakness and in accordance with 404 had to be acknowledged or disclosed publicly.Richard discovered after this meeting all data that had been examined had been deleted from the Ocwen Network.Numerous inquiries were sent to Dale Pickford and Bill Ownby asking for an explanation of the missing data. None were ever received.Richard did inform Kevin Wilcox VP of HR that based on his understanding of Sarbanes 404 rules, a serious and perhaps criminal incident had taken place. And unless a reasonable explanation was provided in writing detailing the reason for the deleted data Richard would report the incident to the SEC.Richard notified Kevin Wilcox that this information also supported claims in another lawsuit file against Ocwen Federal District Court in Connecticut Docket #3:02CV960. A $1.5 billion class action suit claiming Reckless Misconduct, Civil Conspiracy, Fraud Claims, Illegal Accounting Practices as a partial in the suit.Kevin Wilcox acknowledged the receipt of the information and agreed to investigate. At that time Kevin Wilcox did inform Richard that if he notified any agency Ocwen would take legal action. After a reasonable period Richard did contact Kevin Wilcox again for status of the issue he had reported. Kevin Wilcox failed to respond.Richard did contact the SEC and provide a full account of the issue he had observed. Ocwen Technology Xchange filed and Injunctive Claim for damage against Richard asking for $15,000 claiming he had violated his employment contract by reporting this information to the SEC. After notifying Ocwen legal council that a Congressional investigation has been initiated into Ocwen activities and contact with a local news station about Ocwen action a third party hired by Ocwen did attempt to hack into Richard home computer. The log files of this intrusion were kept.IF IT PLEASE THE COURTOcwen Technology Xchange has clearly violated The Whistle Blower Act known as FS, §112.3187 (4) ACTIONS PROHIBITED (b) An agency or independent contractor shall not take any adverse action that affects the rights or interests of a person in retaliation for the person's disclosure of information under this section.Richard Block followed the procedure established in FS, §112.3187 5) NATURE OF INFORMATION DISCLOSED--The information disclosed under this section must include: (b) Any act or suspected act of gross mismanagement, malfeasance, misfeasance, gross waste of public funds, or gross neglect of duty committed by an employee or agent of an agency or independent contractor. And reported this information in accordance with FS §112.3187 6) TO WHOM INFORMATION DISCLOSED--The information disclosed under this section must be disclosed to any agency or federal government entity having the authority to investigate, police, manage, or otherwise remedy the violation. The SEC is the agency identified in Sarbanes Oxley 404 as this body.TO AWARD DAMAGES IN THE FOLLOWINGThis suit is being filed Pro Se and in accordance with the appropriate US Supreme Court rules ask the court indulgence in addressing specific legal issues and further ask the courts protection from predatory legal practices by opposing council. Ocwen Technology Xchange has damaged the professional reputation of Richard and has hampered his ability to develop business due to Ocwen frivolous and irresponsible actions.In accordance with FS, §112.3187 (9) RELIEF--In any action brought under this section, the relief must include the following:(a) Reinstatement of the employee to the same position held before the adverse action was commenced, or to an equivalent position or reasonable front pay as alternative relief. (c) Compensation, if appropriate, for lost wages, benefits, or other lost remuneration caused by the adverse action. (d) Payment of reasonable costs, including attorney's fees, to a substantially prevailing employee, or to the prevailing employer it the employee filed a frivolous action in bad faith. (e) Issuance of an injunction, if appropriate, by a court of competent jurisdiction.(f) Monetary consideration for the extreme mental hardship and anguished willfully inflicted by Ocwen Technology Xchange.(g) Any other funds the court deems appropriate.(h) Compensation for the damage to Richard Block career by filing a frivolous suit against a professional consultant which directly impacts his ability to find gainful employment.(I) Compensation for the invasion of privacy into Richard Block home computer network and violating the Federal Computer Privacy Act.This information is true and correct as attested to me this _______________________RichardDelray Beach, FloridaU.S.A.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I did a loan motification in May, wanting to keep my house I did what they asked and gave them the down payment of $1,500. They said to make 2 payments for the first two months in the amount of $2,498.00. They still managed to send me a statement with late fees and other fees on top of that. I could not make my original payments that were around $2,100.00, why I agreed to it is beyond me. I recently contacted them again and advised that I just can't make those type of payments. They said that I could do another loan motification and that I would now have to come up with almost $2,700.00, which they said was an average of two monthly payments. I told the rep if that was true then why the first time was my down payment only $1,500.00? He could not answer me. I then asked if they were participating in the Hope for Homeowners program, he said that at this time he did not see that my loan would qualify that they had already sent letters to who did. I said that the program states that if the amount of your payment exceeds 31 percent of your income and that you needed to check with your mortgage company to see if they were participating. If you are participating and I fit the qualifications why can't I start the process. All he said was you might qualify later, but in the mean time the longer I wait the more my downpayment on a motification may go up. I could go on and on, specialy on how when you call customer service you get people who read a script from India. I have asked several times that I wanted to speak to someone in West Palm Beach and I get switched back to the main menu and get the same customer service in India. They act like they want to help but have the attitude of 'oh well'.....
ANDREApifer, FloridaU.S.A.

Ocwen Mortgage Company This is a Long Hard Journey, But We All Need to Have the Courage to Continue No Matter How Hard the Going Gets Orlando Florida

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I would like to know what is the latest report on the complains against Ocwen Mortgage Copmpany. I read so many complains posted here on Ripoff, but have not read any results from the complaints.I'm also a victim of Ocwen Mortgage Company...and I truly regret that I refinanced from my previous Mortgage to Aegis Lending. Aegis Lending went bankrupt last year and Ocwen took over. Well, when Ocwen took over, I was told that I was behind my mortgage payment although, it was not my fault that it took Ocwen 3 months to update records from the previous lender (Aegis) yet they count that as being the fault of the borrower. Yes, they have threatened to foreclose my home, but I will not let that happened.I have asked for options and Ocwen put our mortgage loan under a forbearance plan, meaning that payments has increased. In the interim my payments will have covered the previous late payments within a given date. I have hired a company called 'American Forclosure Service' to work with Ocwen in working out a 'Modification Plan' which means to lowering the interest rate of the loan...I've worked with AFS since May 2008 and neither I nor the AFS has received any agreement or approval from Ocwen.I feel that I've exhausted and tried ways to work things out with Ocwen, and my next step is to write to Congress and copy of this letter to my lawyer. Yes, I have records of my monthly payments and other important documents for proof.I feel that as long as I'm under the forbearance plan and paying my mortgage monthly, I have good grounds and evidence.It is going to be a long process...together with lots of prayers and having faith in Our Almighty God...something good will come out of this. Yes, I have setbacks and disappointments with Ocwen, but I feel that I can succeed in spite of this misfortune. The key is having the courage to keep fighting no matter how hard the going gets. He, who falls nine times, but gets up tem times is a success. Success is a journey, not a destination.
Jennystafford, VirginiaU.S.A.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ocwen Mortgage Company In Florida.... They are a scam & will act like they want to help & turn you DOWN!!!!

It was a big mistake for our original loan company to sell our loan to Ocwen, they are no help they charge you falsifying late fees and they send you millions of letter stating that they are there to listen and help you with your financial problems. Back in June my husband lost his job and we were left with only one income, which is when we started having major financial problems so we put our home for sale in October of 2007. We didn't get anyone coming to see our home, so I called and asked for a hardship packet in December and nothing came, in January I called again and nothing came, in that same month we put our home for a short-sale and nothing, no one came. Our agent tried to contact them but would get the run around and the reps were hard to understand. I finally called them and they told me that because I was only two months behind they couldn't help me and that if I got the hardship packet my payments would not go down that much. I stop making my payment in Feb. 2008. They are not willing to help, they give me this option to pay a down payment and two installments but they lied by giving me the figures that didn't include property taxes. I called and asked for help a fourth time and they told me, “Put if for sell," I said I did, they said, “well short-sell it," I said I did, they said, “well that is all we can do for you." I can't afford the high interest rate, nor the high payments, we have 3 children, and they won't help…but still keep on sending these letter of how much they are there to listen & help. They are a joke, I am so over losing my home, its just really sad to see my children go through this.
GloMoreno Valley, CaliforniaU.S.A.