Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ocwen Foreclosure, unfair fees,unfair forbearance agreements Orlando Florida


I have read all the files about Ocwen and they all sound all too familiar to me. I am being threatened with foreclosure now so i also have a forbearance agreement which is putting me further and further away from helping save my home!! 2 yrs. ago my mortgage payment was $991 and is now $1450!! I had flooding at mu house and had a lot of damage which resulted in a lot of out of pocket expenses that our ins. wouldn't pay. Which was what put us behind . Also we paid up back taxes that we didn't know we could escrow which was a lot of out of pocket. We have had 2 plans already due to these extenuating circumstances and they are more than willing to help with huge down down payments and raising the payment. How does this help. In Oct. i paid $2489 down and $3000 in Jan. and they are still threatening me!! That's not counting the amt. i put down last year.This is ruining my credit!! They also say i owe 13,000 in arrearages !! How can this be???? I always pay my house payment each month!!I am going to investigate my payment history with them but that is gonna take awhile. I need some help now!!! Each month the continually add high late fees,and a $10 property ins. monthly!!I have never seen such a horrible company to deal with. They do not respond to my emails and there is at least a 30 -40 min. wait to talk to a representative. Then they are more than happy to help by another downpayment and forbearance agreement.This is a vicious circle with no end and i am in fear of losing my house!!!
RhondaMinerva, OhioU.S.A.

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lynn is losing the battle said...

well good luck to everyone in ocwens grop of foreclosure and forbearance agreements. my mortgage went from 636 to 2000.00. my home was sold back to ocwen with no third party buyer and a 30,000.00 deficet. goodbye equity and thousands of dollars of fees, late fees, forbearance downpayments of 3500.00. the slae is set to be affirmed on monday feb. 11th. i will be there with my attorney as the gavel comes down. someone needs to stop all of this. lynn laychak